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Traditional Commercial Re-Roof vs. Commercial Roof Coating: Which Is Better?

When protecting your commercial building in Altamonte Springs, Florida, you have two options: traditional commercial re-roofing or a commercial roof coating. But which is better for your building?

Commercial roof coating is a waterproof barrier that seals and protects existing roofs from UV rays, water damage, and other environmental wear and tear. It can also be used to improve energy efficiency, extend the life of an existing roof, and prevent leaks.

In contrast, traditional commercial re-roofing is more expensive and time-consuming than commercial roof coating.

At SmartSeal, we specialize in commercial roof coating in Altamonte Springs, and below, we’ve given reasons we believe it is the best choice.

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Our water-repellent sealant system is designed to keep you and your property dry, no matter the weather. This proprietary process ensures decades of optimal performance with our 50-year guarantee.



The Benefits Are Clear,
SmartSeal Is The Solution

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Our eco-Conscious sealant is saving roofs, creating better solutions for building owners, and reducing our carbon footprint.
Cutting Edge Tech

Cutting Edge Tech

Our sealant process and knowledge allow us to be on the cutting edge in the future of roofs.
Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

With this new roof sealant, we are helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and thousands on utility bills.


Commercial Roof Coating in Altamonte Springs, FL, by SmartSeal

At SmartSeal, our experienced team of professionals uses advanced technology and products to provide superior-quality roof coatings that are energy-efficient and long-lasting solutions. We understand the importance of keeping your building safe from the elements, so our commercial roof coating services will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our team of professionals will evaluate the condition of your roof and recommend the best solution for your unique needs. We are fully insured, and all of our work is guaranteed for satisfaction.

With SmartSeal, you can trust that your commercial roof will be protected from the elements and look great for years to come!

What Makes SmartSeal Stand Apart?

At SmartSeal, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and superior quality products and services. We use only the best materials and the latest technology to provide our clients with a reliable, durable roofing solution for years. Our team of professionals takes pride in their work and is committed to delivering exceptional results every time. We strive to make sure every customer is satisfied with the results of our commercial roof coating services.

We believe in providing an outstanding experience for all our customers, and our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns. We are committed to standing behind all of our work and ensuring each client is happy with their roofing solution. With SmartSeal, you can trust that your commercial roof will be protected for years.

So, when looking for reliable commercial roof coating in Altamonte Springs, trust the professionals at SmartSeal!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our commercial roof coating in Altamonte Springs services.

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The SmartSeal System is more than just a sealant. It’s an investment, knowing that it will be there for years to come with no defects or problems.